Friday, May 13, 2011

The Google Chromebook - A Full Review

Google Chromebook

Google has finally launched its very awaiting product, Chromebook. A new generation notebook by Search Engine Giant, Google. The new Chromebook gives you an ultimate experience of computing and as well as web. It will boost your working style on the web.

What is new in Chromebook

The Chromebook gives you an ultimate speed of computing. It boots in just 8 seconds and resume instantly. With full support of latest web standards, you can browse your all favorite websites in just few seconds. In fact, it has been designed to be faster.

Connectivity Features

It gives you an amazing connectivity with its built-in Wi-Fi and 3G at anytime and anywhere. As soon as the Chromebook boots up, it connects with your favorite networks either Wi-Fi or 3G, to make you on the web right from the start. It also gives a whole day battery back-up that means you will not miss a single bit of the web.

Storage Capacity

The Chromebook also gives you a facility to store all of your data in cloud and get it back from anywhere and anytime. It makes your data secure. Now you have not worried for loosing your personal data like photos, documents, apps and settings. Even if you loss your Chromebook. You can easily get all your precious data from the web anytime and anywhere. Technically, it gives unlimited data storage facility in form of Photos, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Applications etc.

Chromebook Apps

There are millions of web apps on your single Chromebook. The Google Chromebook provides a huge collection of web based application for your all needs from games to spreadsheets to photo editors. It supports HTML5, which helps you to use a lot of web apps even you are offline.

Chromebook Sharing

Chromebook also gives you facility to share it with your family members as well as friends. They have to just sign in on your Chromebook and they will get access of their own data and settings. If you want to share this with someone who doesn’t have account then they can access as a guest. In both scenarios no one can access your personal data.

Chromebook Updates

Your Chromebook has also a facility to instant update. It means it will automatically update and gives you the latest version of operating system, as soon as you connect to the web or any update is available. All of your applications will be up to date and fresh forever.

Security in Chromebook

Chromebook runs on the first consumer operating system, which are specially designed to protect your data from ongoing threat of malware and virus. It comes with “Verified Boot” facility. This facility checks your computer every time when you start it and fix all errors which are generated due to malwares or human threat. You can get your operating system back as fresh as it was in just few finger tips. The system is easy to recover. If any thing goes wrong with your Chromebook, you can easily get back in latest and greatest version.

Where to buy

The Google has launched it with Samsung and Acer. have partnered with Google for sale of Chromebooks.


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