Tuesday, May 6, 2014

International SIM Card – A Money Saving Idea

When we plan to travel abroad, the first thing comes in mind is how much money we are going to spend on this trip or how expensive this trip could be. You need to pay attentions on every single thing on which you are going to spend your money. Everyone wants to save his/her forex.

There are lots of thing on which you can save your money on trip like early booking of flights, hotels etc.. People usually book their tickets and hotels but they miss many thing else too or don’t bother to pay attention on small things but these small things cause more money expense in foreign land. Cell pghone roaming is one of them.

No one suggests you to use your local cell phone which you are using in your country to use it in foreign land. Because there are many problems you can face them like connectivity etc.. It is expensive too. You can’t imagine how much expensive a single call could be. To get rid of this un-necessary expenses many companies came up with the idea of International SIM Cards.

You get a sim card which will work in your destination country before your flight, in your home country. Now you have your international number with you much earlier than your flight, you have enough time to inform your family and friends about your new number. These numbers comes up with services like free incoming calls, free outgoing calls to the destination country, low call rates to back home, cheaper SMS charges and cheaper data plans.

In India, many companies are offering its customers these cards and giving hard competition to each other and in this competitive market consumer is enjoying with great offers. Clay Telecom and Matrix Cellular are among top international roaming provider. But Clay Telecom is giving really hard time to Matrix Cellular by its services, amazing offers and unmatched customer support.


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